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Mar 31

'Women of Wisdom' Awards

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The SCLO Women of Wisdom Awards Evening will be held on April 7th at 6pm in the Community Room of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, honoring Valerie Buchand, Carolyn Mason, and Jone Williams for their huge contribution to our community. 

A group of clients who graduated from the SISTA Project, an empowerment and health education program, have formed an upper level group called Big SiSTAs. Our Women of Wisdom, Valerie, Carolyn, and Jone have shown they are strong, safe, survivors – matching the goals of the SISTA Project and therefore it seemed fitting that our Big SISTAs host the Women of Wisdom Awards Evening. These newly empowered women surprised themselves by being able to plan the event from the start, which included interviewing the three honorees who served as their role models. 

As these SISTA Project graduates are now able to be mentors to younger ladies in the community, their involvement in the Women of Wisdom evening serves two purposes. Firstly, it reinforces the importance for the graduates to have a strong, selfless role model and of gaining the confidence to become mentors themselves.  Secondly, it also gives the SCLO volunteers a project they can take ownership of, giving them the satisfaction of following something worthwhile through to completion. 

Please call 360-8660 to rsvp if you are able to join us on April 7th to celebrate the accomplishments of these three very special women.